QANGA is an online Sandbox Survival/Battle Royale game in which you play as a cyborg. You will be tested while facing the many threats of a devastated land in order to repopulate the Earth.

2080 : [The loss of a world]

Globalisation has spread all over the world, creating an imbalance in the different lifestyles. Because of inadequate management of laws, rights, duties, these radical changes led men into world war...
The earth's resources reached a critical threshold, wars and diseases devastated the world, which led humanity to realize that the end was close. So scientists from the five continents came together, creating IC-Labs-Industries, and worked on a worldwide project about advanced cryogenization, hoping for a better future for the humanity.


Dear citizens of the world! Wars are ravaging our planet! Diseases eradicate many populations. Poverty causes famines all over the world, humanity is slowly dying out. Dear men and women, know that we will not remain idle. We, IC-LABS-INDUSTRIE, offer you a chance to survive! We give you the opportunity to be part of the future! To make your children grow up in a better future. The CRYO19 program is the solution! Remember this motto: Cryogenics is our future! Whether you are poor or rich, good students or delinquents, you will be accepted! As they say: it takes everything to make a world! So don't wait any longer and go to the nearest IC LABS centre, place your trust in us with your family and we will wake you up when everything is over!
Almost free and open to all, CRYO19 was democratized in societies and nearly 39% of the world's population grabbed this opportunity. Overwhelmed by this unexpected popularity, IC-Labs-Industrie had to set up a huge underground research facility, hidden in an area unknown from the media.
The years passed and the project was launched. Millions of civilians were stored in an advanced state of preservation.
On the planet, life was declining, sparing only few people. Some of them formed groups of rebels protesting against IC-Labs-Industries, accusing them of scientific propaganda. Given the political enthusiasm and the conspiracy theories against them, so many questions about their real motivation were still a mystery...
As the years went by, more and more survivors (outside CRYO19 program) began to suffer sudden genetic modifications, leading to inhuman mutations. At first, it was physical changes so the body could survive in the harmful environment. No more hair or nails and the skin became like blood tissues. In a second time, other changes occurred. Consciousness, soul, and the ability to reason vanished from the mankind. These people were left with nothing but impulsivity and unexpected instincts. Actually, they were not people anymore, but a new and unknown species.

2128 : [Birth of the Plague]

Biological vestige of the humanity, these creatures quickly managed to adapt themselves to the new living conditions on earth... each of them had different and contradictory appearances. A mixture of raw flesh with blackish secretions dripping from it. Sometimes, we can guess an arm or a leg on them. Getting together in crevices, caves or dark forests, they act with intelligence to satisfy their hunger.
IC-Labs-Industrie thought these mutations were fascinating, so they organized hunting trips to catch few specimens in order to study them more closely. They ran many analyses and understood some things, but too little... It was only pure evil coming from an unknown source. No visible organs, only a fragmented bone structure of carbon, many nerves, tendons and muscles. They seemed to feed mainly on bone marrow, whether animal or human. The entire planet was covered by this sinister plague. ICLI called them Sanglines.

2190 : [A predicted turn of events]

After discovering this new threat, the cryogenic program took a different turn, keeping the same ultimate goal: rising humanity from its ashes. Thanks to significant robotic progress, new cyborg prototypes were built. After so many tests based on the transfer of a soul into a metal armature, there finally was a breakthrough. The biped Qanga 19#08 was born. However, to be functional, the bipede had to be controlled by a soul, a human soul. Thanks to IC-Labs-Industrie's cryogenic program, they had billions of sleeping and docile subjects. On an experimental base, those cyborgs were designed to make direct contact with the sanglantines and provide to scientists every information that could help to fight the virus. In order to accomplish that, the cyborgs were brought into a test area.

[PostCom ARCHIVE - IC LABS 2190 - not publicly disclosed, no human life detected by Ic Labs Industrie]

Dear citizens of the world! For those who remain... You should know that we have made some changes in our protocol to save our species. People who are part of our cryogenic program will be tested based on different criteria. We will evaluate their skills in order to find a viable solution to bring back life on earth. The sanglantines are too dangerous to completely wake up civilians. Thank you for understanding our motives. IC-Labs-Industry will save humanity! You can trust us. On ICLI land, an elevator connects the underground facility to the surface and a protection wall has been built to protect and delimit the test area. Inside it is mostly an arid soil, few sand plains with grass stretching over the horizon, forest cuddling with the desert and a jungle starting to make its way in. Crevices and caves cut through the landscape while water digs its nest between pre-war buildings. In some places you would almost think you were in heaven, but in others you would think you were in hell. In order to control how things evolve, huge observation towers have been built throughout the area.  ICLI retrieved old rusty tourist modules used in the 2035s. They reprogrammed them as they wished. Since then, the TONA A-800 models have been and still are used as guides to help the newly "awaken" people.

2250 to nowadays: Launching, daybreak

It's up to you, cyborg!

Revision Date: Wednesday 16 October 2019