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QANGA is a science fiction game about exploration and survival in a universe parallel to our reality. Synchronize your consciousness in a cyborg provided out of ICLab's Industry labs. 

ICLAB's Industrie complex

Start your adventure in the last cradle of humanity on the surface of the earth. The ICLab's industry complex consists of a wall 300 meters high and 8 km in radius, which serves to hold back the planet's oceans. Inside, a technological capital stands in its center. In the south, fields and crops dot the plains. While in the north, the cold encompasses an immense arid mountain.

Image ICLAB's Industrie complex

Survive and Explore

You will have to learn to survive, understand the abilities and possibilities of your cyborg, after that the universe will be at your reach. On board your ship, reach the ICLISpace station, the Moon, Mars and Jupiter, but before that, the new earth must be explored.

Image Survive and Explore



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