Acte I - A loss of a world

After having massively exploited the resources of the Planet and not taking care of it, the Humanity had to face a rebellion of the Earth. Not only global warming kept intensifying, but the planet started to warm itself up from the inside to accelerate the melting of glaciers and therefore, rise the sea level as a defensive mechanism. In addition to the water, a frozen bacteria has also been released from the glaciers and it became another big threat to the humans after it developed itself completely.

Image Acte I - A loss of a world

Acte II - ??

A tech company called IC Labs managed to become the only government as they temporarily saved the humanity by designed robots to build a wall around cities and retain the water from flooding them. However, the walls cannot hold the water forever and do not help on all the others disasters as poverty, delinquency, diseases and famine, that these events caused.

Image Acte II - ??

Acte III - CRYO19

As the quality of life keeps decreasing, IC Labs created the CRYO19 program. They offered the possibility to the remaining of the population to be cryogenized while the company finds a solution and awake them when the world would be in a better shape. While the majority joined the program, not everybody was keen to this program and some rebelled against the company.

Acte IV - ??

While most of the population is asleep, the bacteria that was released from the glaciers finally ends up in its final stage. Feeding from organic decomposition, it turned into creatures that had no other wish than completely eradicate the humanity. IC Labs designed a second version of robots, much stronger and featuring a highly effective AI to fight those creatures, but their intelligence made them understand quite quickly that everything was a natural process, the consequence of the bad human behavior. As they had no interest in going against a natural process, they ultimately stopped helping the humans and following the orders of IC Labs and became an independent group called the Dissidence.

Image Acte IV - ??

ACTE V - ??

In a last breath of hope, IC Labs decided to transfer the consciousness of the sleeping humans into mechanical bodies using a program that would let the company manipulate these cyborgs and have them fighting the creatures. As it was still an experimental technology, the first transfer went totally wrong and the human consciousness has been transferred into IC Labs’ computer systems, Tona was born. The program allowing the company to keep control over it also failed and this human, completely aware of the situation thanks to the information he has access to in the system, blamed the company for their choices and wanted to find its body and family again. Being able to control a part of IC Labs’ computer system, Tona will do everything he can to remove the controlling program from all the others cyborgs that have been successfully created by the company after him and persuade them to fight against and not for IC Labs

Image ACTE V - ??

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