Qanga Overview

Q A N G A is above all a 3D videogame, in development for 2 years by iolaCorp (an independent studio) on Unreal Engine.

The game offers a vast universe made up of survival and sandbox PVE/PEP multiplayer exploration.
Based on an intriguing and immersive story, Qanga offers you complete freedom and variability over the gameplay.
In order to differentiate itself from other current trends, the game incorporates unexplored and innovative game mechanics.

E X P L O R A T I O N   &   S U R V I V A L

      Multiplayer ( currently up to 50 players per server ) Possibility to increase slots. 

      PVP / PVE / CONSTRUCTION / CRAFTING & CREATION - Top 100 players ranking in PVP.

Earth is covered by water, ICLABS Industry built a wall to contain the surrounding ocean. Earth's citizens participated to the CRYO19 program. As a result, the human race is entirely cryogenised, hibernating until ICLABS finds a solution to this unprecedented issue. But things are not going as expected.

Evolve in a 24 km² open world where you will encounter NPCs (Non-Player Character), ennemies and other players of course. The fight to control the area is raging between ICLABS's drones, cyborgs from the Dissidence and swarming hordes of "Sanglines"; choose your allies with utmost care. 

Your survival will depend entirely on your ability to adapt to the hostile environment of what’s left of the world. Climate, other cyborgs and prowling creatures will not make it easy for you. When your cyborg leaves ICLABS’s Awakening Lobby, you will get to pick among the following objectives and choose how you want to make a difference in this new world.

Objectives :
• Make sure your mechanical functions and features are working properly and stay at their peak performances
• Build or recycle gear and equipment
• Explore the area and unveil the mystery behind this new world
• Join a faction and help it reach its objectives in order to make it thrive

You will get to improve your cyborg over time. Both aestetically and mechanically / performance-wise. In addition to a classic "level by level" evolution, you will find PHASES during your exploration; they will allow you to upgrade and improve your cyborg and its equipment. Complete your collection by collecting vehicules, earning ways of changing your appearance and learning new building and crafting patterns for your shelter, you will then be ready for every outcome and become the ultimate cyborg.

Good luck, "Consciences" !



B A T T L E   R O Y A L E

  Multiplayer ( currently up to 50 players per server ) Possibility to increase slots. 
  PVP / PVE / CONSTRUCTION / CRAFTING & CREATION - Top 100 players ranking in PVP.

Compete against other cyborgs and prove your worth as a Conscience: Will you be the one to be able to make a difference in the outside world?

However, beware the heights and keep in mind you are just as likely to encounter someone on top or inside a building as you are on ground floor: the access to verticality and playing around it is a central element of the gameplay. Fight alone, with a friend, or as a team: choose your allies carefully if you hope to stand a chance.

At the beginning, 50 cyborgs are synchronized simultaneously on Starkitown : an elevated city cut in half by a road. A couple of building are slowly moving on rails and your propeller (Jetpack) will be of great help when wanting to jump from buildings to buildings. In a similar manner, the Tamil will help you getting from one area to the next much faster. 

A squared magnetic field with chaotic behavior will spice things up a bit. It will grow and shrink while rotating on itself, thus forcing you to be aware and adapt to the surrounding environment.

In order to encourage taking risks and incite aggressive playing, your takedowns will be rewarded: if you manage to destroy 5 Cyborgs, you will get the opportunity to come back to the battlefield when (if!) you get killed. However, to balance things out a bit, your cyborg will be less resistant.

This game mode is fast-paced and intense. You will find equipment during the first few minutes to start fighting. Confrontations are to be expected as soon as the game starts !

Thanks for playing and enjoy the game !



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