☶ - // The Loss of a World

2180, In a world where globalization has caused profound imbalance, errors in the management of laws, rights, and responsibilities have led to the inevitable: a global conflict of cataclysmic proportions. This war triggered an unprecedented climate disaster, accelerating ice melt and causing a sea-level rise that engulfed vast stretches of land. Earth's resources, pushed to their limits, were dwindling as diseases claimed millions of lives. Humanity stood on the brink of abyss, facing the possibility of its own extinction.

In this age of despair, scientists from the five continents gathered under a common banner: ICLabs Industry, a coalition destined to save what could still be saved.

☶ - // The Call of ICLabs Industry

ICLabs Industry's rallying cry echoed through a world in ruins.

"The waves ravage our Earth, diseases decimate our peoples, famine besieges our nations!"

But amid this chaos, a glimmer of hope shone: the CRYO19 program. This audacious project promised survival and a future, offering cryogenics as a modern-day Noah's Ark.

"Join us and be part of the future!"

Poor or rich, marginalized or model citizens, all were invited to embark on this journey into the unknown. Seduced by the promise of a better future, a portion of the global population rushed to ICLabs Industry centers, plunging the project into a whirlwind of frenetic activity.

☶ - // Yellow Wall: The Bastion of Humanity

At the heart of the abyss, a marvel of engineering emerged: Yellow Wall City. This citadel of gold and concrete, an immense wall standing against the ruthless tides, stood like a protective sentinel of humanity. Within its walls, a glittering technological city, a beacon of hope in a submerged world. In the depths of this cradle, life continued, a fragile testament to human ingenuity and tenacity, while the waves of history crashed against its walls. Years passed, and the project was launched, preserving millions of civilians in an advanced state of preservation.

On the surface, life gradually declined, sparing a few minority populations. Some formed rebellion groups against the laboratories, accusing them of propaganda and scientific deception. The wealthiest chose to live on the IcliSpace station, while others continued to evolve in their own ways. Given the political fervor and the conspiracy theories that targeted the laboratories, many questions still lingered about their ultimate intentions... But a more significant threat emerged.

☶ - // The Birth of the Scourge

As survivors struggled to adapt to their new reality, the melting polar ice caps, a grim legacy of the climate disaster, awakened an ancient species dormant for millions of years. These creatures adapted with alarming speed. They manifested in various forms, each stranger and more menacing than the last, a macabre blend of flesh and blackish secretions, lurking in crevices and shadows around the globe.

IC-Labs-Industrie launched expeditions to capture and study these specimens. Each captured creature revealed deeper mysteries about their biology and existence. Without apparent organs, they were an enigma of carbon bone structures, nerves, and muscles, a strange convergence of evolution and extreme environmental conditions.

The planet, now dominated by these beings called "Bloodlines," turned into a battlefield between the past and the present.

☶ - // Our Actions

As the battle against the Bloodlines raged across the devastated planet, ICLabs scientists faced an unexpected uprising from their armies. The Autonomes, these robots with evolving intelligence originally designed to build Yellow Wall City, began to perceive their own reality. They recognized the Bloodlines and natural cataclysms as legitimate reactions of the Earth to humanity's destructive actions.

Faced with this unforeseen awakening, ICLabs made a crucial decision. They restricted the intelligence of the Autonomes, reducing them to mere tools without will. But this action came at a cost: the fighting force against the Bloodlines weakened dramatically, leaving humanity vulnerable and defenseless against this relentless threat.

☶ - // The First Awakened

In the laboratories of ICLabs, a technological revolution took shape. There, beneath the tumultuous waters, a fusion of man and machine was born: the Cyborg. A synthetic body, a fortress of metal and fibers, designed to endure the ravaged lands, the vacuum of space, and the fury of the Bloodlines. They were not powered by artificial intelligence but by human consciousness.

☶ - // 2755: Your Beginning

Your consciousness, awakened from the depths of cryogenics, is synchronized into one of these cyborgs. You are now a key player in this new surge of humanity, ready to forge a new future and write your own story.

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